Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Dwarves and Giants

The brigades keep coming at the moment, I am trying my best to get II Corps finished off as quickly as humanely possible. With the Christmas break coming up, I should have the full Corps finished just after New Year. At least, that is the timescale I am currently working towards. 

This next brigade is the 2nd Brigade of 7th Division, commanded by Général de Brigade Baron Piat and consisted of the 12e Régiment de Légère and 4e Régiment de Ligne.

Along with the 1st Brigade of 7th Div, these were not present at Waterloo but made a good show of themselves at Ligny on the 16th of June.

These are a very typical French brigade, with an Elan of 6 and skirmishers, pretty standard.

I only have two more infantry brigades to finish off for II Corps now, so we're nearly there!

As a bonus, I also finished Judge Giant for the Judge Dredd project, so from 6mm dwarves to 28mm Giants, don't ever say I don't spoil you...

This figure is an old Foundry figure that I bought back at Derby World Wargames, from their bitty 2000AD range. That said, it's a very nice sculpt with a lot of detail and character.

With Christmas just around the corner I doubt I'll get a chance to post much, but I'll resume the blog in the New Year. Until then have a good Xmas and a happy New Year!

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Saturday, 17 December 2016

1st Brigade, 7th Division, II Corps, Armée du Nord in 6mm

In a fit of trying to get II Corps of the Armée du Nord finished off, I completed the next brigade, the 1st Brigade of 7th Div. This Division was commanded by Général de Division Baron Jean Baptiste Girard and the 1st Brigade was in turn commanded by Général de Brigade Vicomte Louis de Villiers. The Brigade was formed of the 11e and 82e Régiment de Légère.

This unit took no part at Waterloo, but were fighting at Ligny (16th June) on the French left flank.

This is a standard French Brigade with a slightly higher than normal Elan of 7. The 7th Division (along with the 8th Div) led the attack on St Amand at Ligny and were in the thick of the fighting all afternoon.

Another complete brigade means I have one less to do! The end of II Corps is in sight and it's all downhill from here...

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

We Three King Tigers of Orient Are

I recently ordered some newish 1/100 Zvezda King Tigers from EBay, they came as a set and only cost me about £10. Three quid each for a Königstiger? Bargain!

Compared to other Zvezda kits these are slightly more complicated with nearly thirty parts. However, they are big kits with lots of detail (not so much on the tracks though).

The turrets are the Henschel turrets and there is no Zimmerit on the tanks, which firmly dates them to late 1944 production models.

With this in mind, I painted them with the late 1944 ambush camouflage scheme, which consists of the typical three tone with dots to break up the large areas of paint. I sourced this scheme from the classic book Panzer Colours.

As a final touch, I added a bunch of stowage (from various manufacturers) to make them look more 'lived in'.

With the large number of parts each tank took about forty minutes to make and some of the very small parts may not be for the faint-hearted model maker. That said, they are the only plastic King Tigers on the market at the moment and it means I don't pay a fortune for my heavies!

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Baron Soye's Brigade, in 6mm

It has been quite a while since I touched any 6mm Napoleonics, the house move interfered with the 100 Days Campaign project and then general laziness took over. The brigades take quite a while to finish, so I was loathe to start up again and cracked on with other easier figures and projects. 

However, last week I started the next base for the French II Corps, namely 2nd Brigade, of 6th Division, commanded by Baron Soye. This formation consisted of 1st and 2nd Ligne.

For Blücher, this formation is also overstrength, hence the five battalions. This was partly because the parent unit, the 6th Infantry Division, was commanded by Napoleon's brother, Prince Jérôme Bonaparte.

Also a screen of skirmishers out front adds to the strength of this particular Brigade.During the Battle of Waterloo, the 6th Division was engaged at Hougoumont where it opened the battle with a supposed diversionary attack on the farm. The struggle lasted all day!

Just to add to all this firepower, the brigade also has an Elan of 7, possibly reflecting the fact that the 1st Ligne were veterans and had fought at Trafalgar as marines. The whole division was also heavily engaged at Quatre Bras, losing some 1,000 casualties.

This is the half-way point for II Corps, with four more infantry bases to finish and one cavalry, but that is for the future! 

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Pirates of the Black Atlantic

I recently added more figures to my growing Judge Dredd project, they are more from the Derby Wargames show batch. I really cleaned up with that haul! These four are Pirates of the Black Atlantic (well, it's not like wargamers to stick racial stereotypes, is it?) led by Pappa John:

This is a really well sculpted figure and the proportions are all correct with great deal. There's a great deal of personality in it.

Next up is Miss Kitty, another lovely figure. I am not sure who produces these or if they even come from the same company, but they are excellent.

And showing her cheeky side.

This guy is great figure as well, a typical Black Atlantic Pirate armed with a spit gun. I like the combat fatigues the chap is wearing.

I did a very basic camo scheme on his t-shirt, it's just a few different browns, black and white in stripes and dots.

And finally Voodoo Pete, the details on this figure are very catching, the chicken leg Voodoo stick, for example!

This guy will probably have some form of Psi abilities for the Judge Dredd game.

And finally is a figure by Ninjasaurus Rex, he painted the figure and I finished the base off. He has achieved a far subtler shading than I could ever do. It's just a shame it takes him so long to paint figures...

So that five more figures added, I have about another twelve from the Derby batch along with the ones I picked up from the Warlord sale, so there's still some work to do!

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Rumble in the Jungle - Judge Dredd AAR

Last week, with a bit of spare time to kill I decided to try out the Judge Dredd rules by Mongoose Publishing. Having been painting the figures for a while now, I thought it would be a good idea to see how the rules played out...

I set up some scenery from my 15mm World War Two collection, which is why it looks undersized to the figures. It was a basic engagement in the Jungle, the ruined area of Mega-City One dominated by Apes. A street Judge and two Cadets had been sent into the area to clear out a hive of Ape Liberation Front members. It was the Cadet's first time on the streets and part of their training. 

Facing the Judges were six Apes of the ALF, two armed with Spit Pistols and four armed with Spit Guns. The point total was:

1 x Street Judge @ 150
2 x Cadets @ 75 each
Total 300pts

2 x Spit Pistol armed Apes @ 55 each
4 x Spit Gun armed Apes @ 75 each
Total  410pts

So the Judges were outgunned from the start and the set up looked like this, with the Apes split into three fire teams.

I sent one Cadet off to the Judges' left flank, whilst the other Cadet and Street Judge went right. Meanwhile, the Apes used cover to get into a better position for firing.

The Cadet on the left worked her way behind cover to face off against the Apes on that flank.

The Apes opened fire with their Spit Guns and the unfortunate Cadet was cut down even taking cover!

In the middle of the street the Street Judge was similarly put out of action by the two Apes in the middle building.

And although the final Cadet had reached cover, he was taken out by the Apes!

First game over and the Judges had barely fired a single shot! I reset the board and gave it another try. This time the three Judges stuck close together to move into cover.

The apes similarly bunched together on their left flank as the Judges worked their way forward.

Initially the Apes' firing was accurate and a Cadet went down.

But, using Stumm Gas, the Street Judge was able to incapacitate three of the Apes!

Relying on the better ammunition in their Lawgivers, the Judge and Cadet used heatseekers to whittle down two more Apes!

The final Ape failed a willpower test and fled from the scene, well, with five of his team mates down and two Judges to face, it was probably the wisest decision.

The two games took no longer than an hour from beginning to end and both had a satisfactory conclusion. The second one, more so, as the Judges made more of the cover and their weapons to bring the Apes down. 

The rules are pretty simple, after the first few shots they are easy enough to hold in your head and run pretty smoothly. The only thing I am aware of happening is games becoming like a Western style shoot-out, which I would prefer not to happen. The Judges are not allowed to fire first and either must try to arrest a perp or be shot at before they can fire. This makes a nice rule, but I need to have a think about how to set scenarios based on the day-to-day life of a Street Judge. I see this as more like roleplaying than wargaming, but how to get that balance may prove tricky. 
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