Saturday, 26 August 2017

2nd Brigade, Young Guard in 6mm

In a week that has seen quite an upheaval in my personal life,ie, my wife moving to Vienna for a year long job at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, I have been slowly working on the Imperial Guard. The latest being the 2nd Brigade commanded by General de Brigade Baron Nicolas-Philippe Guye. It was made up of the 3rd Tirailleur Regiment and the 3rd Voltigeur Regiment.

In Blücher terms, this is an Understrength unit, so therefore it only has three battalions as an aide-memoire.

Despite being Understrength it still has an Elan of 7 and is Steady and also causes Shock, meaning it is one of the most powerful Understrength units on the table!

As with my other Imperial Guard infantry these are in attack columns.

As I said, I will have a bit more time to paint more tiny little men, so hopefully the Imperial Guard won't be long off finished, with only three cavalry brigades to paint now!
Total 6mm figures painted: 3,220
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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Zombie Nosh

Over the last weekend, Dean emerged from his pit and called over to my house clutching his copy of Zombicide for an afternoon of shooting and clubbing zombies. Or at least their 28mm equivalents. I am surprised at the very few times we've actually played Zombicide, it's such a good and tense board game (and bloody difficult!). We played a scenario that was actually deemed too difficult between editions and the winning conditions were reduced. However, being idiots, we decided to play it in it's original form. This meant the team had to find three specific items in searches AND collect six objective tokens (the red Xs in the pictures). The team began the game holed up in a tiny room in the centre of the board. I didn't take a lot of photos, but here are a few to illustrate how the game played out.

As luck would have it, all the team spent the first couple of turns searching and we found two out of the three items! Off to a good start!

However, it wasn't too long before the dead rose to walk the earth and as the characters broke into a large building it seemed to be crawling with zombies!

Having cleared the rooms and got hold of the objective marker, the board suddenly seemed full of zombies, all desperately trying to get into the building where we were holed up.

All seemed lost, until Amy found enough items to make a Molotov cocktail and clear the area outside the building.

Unfortunately, the balance was weighted against us and Amy and Wanda were forced into a corner to try and take down as many zombies as possible.

Zombicide has again proved to be an enjoyable, yet bloody difficult, game. It was well worth every penny of Dean's money. With the inevitable end in sight we finished the day off with a quick game of Seven Wonders Duel, a great two player game that is worth a few pennies of your savings.

Back at the painting table, I completed another Judge Dredd figure, this is Max Normal, Judge Dredd's narc.

In his sharp suits he really stands out in the urban zoo that is Mega-City One.

That's all for now, so thanks for reading!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Chartrand's Young Guard

As life has settled down, I have been able to tackle more 6mm Imperial Guard, these next brigade being Chartrand's 1st Brigade of the Young Guard. This was formed of the 1er and 2e Bataillons, 1er Régiment de Tirailleurs and 1er and 2e Bataillons, 1er Régiment de Voltigeurs.

This unit spent the Battle of Waterloo sitting on their packs waiting to be committed to the fight. However, this didn't happen until late in the day when the Young Guard were dispatched to aid in the fight against arriving Prussian forces in Plancenoit.

During this engagement the fighting was so fierce that the YG division suffered around 80% casualties. The end of the Empire was inevitable.

I have based these units in column and they are the Elite French Infantry from Baccus.

There is another unit of Young Guard to complete and then I have the Guard Cavalry to complete to finish the full Corps. 

But that is for the future, so thanks for reading!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

More Citizens For Mega-City One

I return to this blog as a married man, the wedding is over, the honeymoon is finished and I am back with brush in hand. The first figures I have completed recently are four Mega-City One citizens whom I bought in Warlord's Judge Dredd sale. 

The first guy reminds me a bit of a creature from a Hieronymus Bosch painting. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the medieval style shoes and the weird helmet he's wearing.

Next up is this delivery guy, it is a harmless package or a consignment of illegal Umpty Candy?

Here's a woman stepping out in the latest Mega City fashion, horned helmets paired with green hair are all the rage in 2139!

And finally a perp who has become unstuck and handcuffed to a holding post.

As I mentioned, we had our wedding and as part of it there was a cake baking competition open to our friends and families. I tried to take pictures of as many as I could, but I was  a bit drunk... But here they all are, can you tell which one won the competition?

Thanks for reading!
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